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MBBS, DTCD, DNB, Internal Medicine
11 years of experience
Salalah (Oman)


Dr Pankaj Jain has been working as an Internist since 2008. He is a Board Certified Pulmonologist from Diplomate of National Board of India. He has extensive experience in all internal medicine cases, ICU management and medical emergencies, with particular focus on respiratory medicine and critical care. He is an expert in respiratory and thoracic procedures including Fiber-optic Bronchoscopy, Intercostal chest tube drainage and Pleural Biopsies. He is well-versed in the interpretation of pulmonary function tests, polysomnography, invasive and non-invasive ventilation. He has also attended various CMEs and workshops related to his field.

Excellence & Experience

Area of excellence
  • Management of Bronchial Asthma
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Allergic diseases of lungs
  • Sleep Medicine and Sleep Disorders
Level of Experience
  • Senior Resident - Rajan Babu Institute of Pulmonary Medicine and Tuberculosis, Delhi for 3 years. Responsibilities included lectures for MBBS students and participation in PG activities.
  • Specialist – Respiratory Medicine and Allied Sciences - Rajan Babu Institute of Pulmonary Medicine and Tuberculosis, Delhi.
  • Consultant - Pentamed Hospital, Delhi

Awards & Academics

List of awards
Academics Details
  • MBBS - Seth G S Medical College, Mumbai.
  • DTCD, DNB (Resp. Medicine) - V P Chest Institute, Delhi, India
  • Residency/fellowship – Department of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis at V P Chest Institute, Delhi and Rajan Babu Institute of Pulmonary Medicine and Tuberculosis Hospital, Delhi.
  • Senior Resident - Delhi Heart Lung Institute, Delhi


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Salalah - Oman
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